Hunter Gatherer Diet Overview

Greetings and welcome to! I created this site to help people find out about the hunter gatherer or “paleo” style diet.

If you have suffered from digestive distress, auto-immune disorders, or a host of other health aliments, or if you just want to feel better with less fat and more muscle; the hunter gatherer style diet may be able to help you.

I know because the hunter gatherer diet has helped me personally get in the best shape of my life. I had struggled before to put on muscle as well as with digestive issues that had plagued me, but since starting the hunter gatherer diet I am feeling and performing better than ever. I hope the resources I collect on this site are able to help you to make this lifestyle change, and join me in becoming the healthiest you possible.


Want more help switching to the hunter gatherer style diet, I recommend the Paleo Recipe Book.
The Paleo Recipe Book