Paleo Diet Breakfast

Breakfast is perhaps the meal that is easiest to switch over to hunter gatherer or paleo style foods. However, it is also the meal that is on average the furthest from what our ancestors would have eaten. The average breakfast nowadays seems to consist mostly of bagels, muffins, and doughnuts. How any of those foods got to be considered a good foundation for the day I can’t understand, especially when healthier options are so easy and delicious

Scrambled eggs, a breakfast classic, can easily be made into a hunter gatherer style dish. All that is required is replacing the added milk for extra egg yolk then season and scramble. This allows for the right consistency without any dairy. Pair this with some bacon and blueberries and you have an easy and delicious paleo breakfast.

Another food that’s easy to switch into a hunter gatherer diet is hash browns. The white potatoes in hash browns can be replaced with shredded sweet potatoes, which can be pan fried with olive oil and seasonings.

For a wealth of full breakfast recipes I recommend the The Paleo Recipe Book.

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Photo by Amy Ross of Telepathicparanoia